Academic Year Placements

Xplore academic year placements are targeted towards individual students looking for long-term study abroad placements that offer flexibility in subject and location – that’s why we call our placements, Xplore MyChoice.

Xplore MyChoice allows offers high-quality study abroad programmes to students aged between 12 and 18 looking to complete an academic study abroad placement in an authentic language environment – what sets us apart is the level of control students have on the where and what they wish to study.

Select Schools and Student Support

Xplore specifically selects each and every school that we place students in for their range of subjects offered and the supportive community in which they operate.

Our best practice is having a well-prepared student, this involves sharing host family details, community information and school profiles with our agents and students prior to their placement.
We also offer students the opportunity to meet others who are in the same situation during an ‘orientation’ camp and our local teams continue to provide round the clock support for the duration of the students’ placement; regularly submitting progress reports.

As this programme is so sought after, it is important to us that students who apply are academically focused and committed to furthering their educational career. It is for this reason that we have in place our ‘General Acceptance Guidelines’ that we use to select students before going through the more specific application process.

Each applicant must at least demonstrate the following:

  • Have strong identifiable and attainable academic goals for the future.
  • Adequate proficiency in English language, scoring a minimum ‘intermediate’ level with a SLEP-test score of minimum 50. For the UK, we can accept other recognised English language tests, such as; Junior TOEFL, ELTis or Anglia.
  • A genuine interest in living and studying in a different country
  • A level of personal maturity that leads us to believe that they are ready for the intensity of the programme.
  • Strong motivation and open mindedness to immersing in a new culture, climate and expectations.

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