Culture Exchange

Open yourself up to another culture, language and country and whilst you do, share yours with others – this is exactly what a cultural exchange programme is all about!

Our exchange programmes range from year-long high school placement exchanges to short-term programmes. No matter the duration, deciding to embark on a cultural exchange programme is a big deal – with Xplore, we can find the perfect solution for you!

More than just an experience

Meeting new people, being in new surroundings and navigating new situations are common obstacles in every person’s life, no matter your age or what native language you speak. Just as a new language needs to be learnt and practiced, cultural exchange programmes allow young students to learn and develop important social skills such as self-confidence, independence, leadership and teamwork to cope with these everyday challenges too.

Leaving your mark on the world

Cultural exchange is 2-way transaction, not only is it an opportunity to learn and understand about others, but you share your own unique experiences with those that you meet along the way – an ambassador for your own country, language and culture meeting like-minded individuals all bringing the world closer together with mutual respect and understanding for one another.

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