Junior Language Camps

Summer Camps – 6 to 12 year olds

It’s proven that children are much more likely to excel at learning a second language from a younger age.

We also find that by opening up the opportunity to travel, experience and explore the world to younger children, we allow them to develop a wider appreciation for different cultures plus develops stronger independence and self-confidence from a younger age.

Our summer camp programmes accept children from 6 years old, with smaller campus sizes, fun and interactive lesson structure and smaller supervision ratios for activities and excursions – we provide a safe and supportive environment where they can have fun as they learn.


Tailored Learning

We use different teaching approaches appropriate to the age range and ability level of younger students, creating a learning environment where the focus is on having fun and interaction which gives our students the confidence to grow and improve. Every summer camp suitable for younger learners also offers a wide range of exciting activities such as quad biking, archery and climbing as well as typical evening activities such as singing around the campfire and roasting marshmallows.

  • Interactive – we make learning a language fun with games and music to encourage younger students to participate
  • Images – we start with matching words with their images, especially helpful for the youngest students or those with limited language abilities
  • Repetition – we design our lessons to repeat, develop and repeat topics to maximise retention for young learners
  • Pronunciation – in every lesson, activity and free time, our focus is on correctly pronouncing words and sounds
  • Progress Report – each student receives an individual report from their teacher on achievements they have made

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