Crate climb is one of the many activities available at our Language Activity Camps. Over the next few weeks we are sharing some of our most popular activities and how we design them to help improve communication and teamwork at the same time as having fun.

During crate climb, campers work together as a team to build the tallest tower of crates you can with either one or two  team mates harnessed in at the top, climbing the tower as it grows. This requires constant communication (in English) and lots of team work. Every camper has a go at climbing, building and belaying (holding the rope!) so good communication is needed for this to be successful.

One of our instructors says that “as an instructor my favourite part of this activity is seeing the everyone work together to achieve a common goal whilst having lots of fun doing it.”

Once the campers climbing the tower have reached the top, they get to knock it down whilst swinging at the end of the rope in mid-air.

We would love to see how you are improving your English or teamwork at home by sharing it with us with the hashtag #xploretheworldathome