When we speak to our students, an overwhelming majority say the reason they wanted to come to England in the summer was to visit English cities. We have put together a compilation of  4 destinations you can visit, right now, from your home – by using a virtual tour online. Have you visited these places before? Is there anywhere else you would like to see? What was your favourite?


London, of course is the most mentioned destination and everybody gets the opportunity to visit the capital city. From it’s historic, political and important landmarks to the engaging and vibrant street life, London is an exciting place! This London virtual tour allows you to visit loads of landmarks and take a 360 degree view around them. Our excursions to London usually start at Tower Bridge where we join a river cruise down the Thames towards Westminster and Big Ben. From there, we can walk to Buckingham Palace and enjoy lunch in St James’ Park. After lunch, we are well placed for a spot of shopping and visiting Trafalgar Square before ending our day at Embankment to head back to camp!


Cambridge is another hugely popular excursion destination and visited by 3 of our camps in England. This site offers a virtual tour of King’s College, which we walk right past on our way from punting to the market square. This YouTube video giving a walk around the city and allows a brilliant insight into what visiting Cambridge is like.

Manchester / Liverpool

Camp Worksop’s excursions offer experiences of more northern UK cities. Manchester and Liverpool are both exciting cities to explore and Spinoo offers a number of 360 degree virtual tours at various different landmarks in both cities.


Windsor sits just west of London, situated along the River Thames. It holds an exceptional amount of rich English history, and is also famously known for being the true home of the Royal Family, and this YouTube video takes you for a walk around the city as if you were there. Students attending Camp Pangbourne might visit Windsor Castle, and walk through the same rooms as the Queen herself! The Royal Collection Trust has created a timeline of the castle, beginning all the way back in 1070 when it was first built by William the Conquerer.

Day trip excursions take place on a Wednesday and Saturday at camp, with those coming for 2 weeks getting to enjoy 3 excursions whilst they are at camp. Where would you like to visit? #xploretheworldathome